BGA organic mineral fertilizer

The main ingredients of BGA organic mineral fertilizer are urban and rural waste such as plant residues, sawdust, branches, corn pods and leaves. BGA mineral organic fertilizer consists 70% of organic waste and 30% of mineral waste. The organic part contributes to better germination which aides in plant development, and the mineral part is needed after the plant has depleted the organic part.

BGA is very important for protecting land, food safety, environmental safety and increasing farmer’s incomes, which improves people’s quality of life.

It also reduces the need to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

BGA increases the growth of plants and trees, increases the amount of crops in extremely unfavourable conditions, such as: drought, cold, ultraviolet disturbances, infertile and saline soils, heavy pollution and in places with little sunlight.

BGA improves the natural taste of crops.

Quantities and methods of application for BGA organic mineral fertilizer

Working with

With BGA

Without BGA

After four years of using chemical fertilizers, the soil is depleted; the same culture, in our case these are eggplants, no longer thrive.

With BGA

After four years of using BGA, the nutrients in the soil have been replenished and are more than sufficient for the eggplants to thrive. Annual rotation of the crops is therefore not necessary.