BENEFITS of BGA Organic Mineral Fertilizer


  • Increase of Yield
  • Increase of income for the grower
  • Improved crop resistance
  • Drought resistance, water saving
  • Control Release Technology of Nutrients and Water (CRTNW)
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Improved tree plant survival and accelerated forest growth


  • Quality of agricultural products
  • Organic crops
  • Crops suitable for storage
  • Improves the natural taste of crops
  • BGA is very important for land protection, food safety, environmental safety and improves peoples quality of life


  • Organic waste composition
  • Improves and maintains soil quality (no rotation required)
  • Improves the immune system of plants
  • No need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Exceptional results in unfavourable growing conditions

How does BGA organic mineral fertilizer work?

Conditions for normal plant growth are soil, water, fertilizer, air, heat, light, etc .; these conditions must be met at the same time. BGA organic mineral fertilizer harmonizes the relationship between water and nutritional value so it can provide a complete and harmonious environment for the plant in the plant rhizosphere, especially for plants in unfavourable conditions.

The soil has an energy spectrum. BGA regulates the energy spectrum, which coincides with plant growth. For normal plant growth we need not only enough nutrients, but also their harmonious energy spectrum. Otherwise, nutrients can be harmful.

BGA uses the temperature difference (especially between day and night) and thus absorbs water. It has water retention functions and therefore provides drought resistance.

About the inventor of BGA

After more than a decade of research, Dr. Zhang Jianmin invented the Process of energy efficiency of the soil and developed an agricultural hi-tech product, BGA organic mineral fertilizer, which is mostly composed of agricultural and forestry organic waste.

Its achievement plays an important role in the overall development of agriculture, ecological renewal, food safety and the protection of soil and the environment.

In August 2002, Zhang Jianmin was elected a member of the Eco-earth Alliance expert committee at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg. He has won three United Nations awards for his significant contribution to agriculture and environmental protection.

BGA is used on different soils, under different weather conditions, the common denominator being the stunning results.

Why choose BGA organic mineral fertilizer

Better food quality

The quality of agricultural products fertilized with BGA organic mineral fertilizer has received wide recognition around the world. The Japanese Institute of Public Health, renowned for its strict food standards, has proven that foods with BGA organic mineral fertilizer have the perfect taste and restore the natural taste of vegetables and fruits. Food storage is also much more convenient.

Higher yield

BGA organic mineral fertilizer significantly improves the rate of plant photosynthesis (up to 25%), so it can significantly improve and increase yields. With BGA, the yield is 30 to 70% higher, depending on the individual crop.

Water saving

BGA Organic Mineral Fertilizer manages the relationship between water and nutrients by providing exceptional conditions in the rhizosphere. In particular, this feature is best for the plant in unfavorable conditions. Because of the loose soil, it absorbs moisture more easily during the temperature difference so the plant is always supplied with water.

Environment protection

The unique design of BGA organic mineral fertilizer allows the soil to receive a perfect composition of all necessary nutrients. Rotation is thus not necessary.

Strengthened plant’s immune system

Plants have a strengthened immune system, so it greatly increases the survival of plants and their yield in adverse conditions such as drought, cold, heat, strong ultraviolet light, infertile soil, saline soil, etc.

Maintaining plant health

Even plants are not immune to the diseases of today’s time. With BGA organic mineral fertilizer we maintain plants health and even treat various plant diseases, even in dead parts of a plant.

Soil energy spectrum theory

The conditions necessary for normal plant growth are the simultaneous fulfillment of the influences of different factors: soil, water, fertilizers, air, heat and sunlight. BGA organic mineral fertilizer harmonizes the relationship between water and nutrients, which ensures a perfect and harmonious micro environment in the plant’s rhizosphere, especially for plant growth in extremely unfavorable conditions.

To summarize the theory of the energy spectrum of the soil: soil, fertilizers and plants each have their own energy spectrum. For normal growth, the plant needs not only a sufficient amount of nutrients, but above all an energy-harmonious spectrum of all factors. If the soil and fertilizer are in harmony with the energy spectrum of the plant, the plant can easily absorb the necessary nutrients for their growth. If the soil and fertilizer are not harmoniously connected, the plants will find it harder to absorb nutrients for their growth. No one in the world has ever proposed the concept of the energy spectrum of the soil, let alone put it into practice. Therefore, the theory of the energy spectrum of the soil, both in theory and in practice, is considered a breakthrough in the classical theory of plant nutrition.

BGA organic mineral fertilizer increases the energy values ​​of the soil’s useful elements and thus allows plants to more easily absorb more nutrients. In addition, BGA organic mineral fertilizer lowers the relative energy levels of hazardous substances such as viruses, fungi, bacteria and heavy metals, which make it difficult for plants to absorb nutrients. Because stronger plants are less prone to disease, their yield increases, the quality of agricultural products improves and the soil itself also improves. By measuring the relative value of the energy state of the soil, we can also help diagnose and treat plant diseases transmitted by the soil itself.

The results of the EDX soil test are shown in the table. The values ​​represent the physical quantity of matter in the extra nuclear state of electron motion, ie. “value of relative energy state”. The results reflect the true energy state of the substance. Elements with a higher value of the relative energy state are more easy for the plants to absorb.